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Terry Ramsett is founder-CEO of TRam Foodservice Management L.L.C., dba foodbarz!, foodz! Corporate Catering & Events, coffeebarz! (Starbucks kiosk) and a new Micro-Market 24/7 cashless concept called grab n’ goz!, a commercial foodservice quick-casual restaurant chain which focuses its growth in suburban multi-tenant office buildings.  foodbarz consists of a large variety of made to order barz stations: breakfastbarz, sandwichbarz, pizzabarz, fiestabarz, grillbarz, picnicbarz, hot entreez, saladbarz, soupbarz, grab n' goz frech coffeebarz and select locations proudly serve starbucks. It also differentiates itself by providing a fresh kitchen in each location meaning anything that can be made from scratch, (House) is made from scratch. Prior to COVID, foodbarz  was operating a variety of their concepts at 13 buildings  and post COVID,has signed an additional 5 locations with various offerings that consist of either phase 1  or 2 menus. All locations that are temporarily closed will reopen once buildings repopulate.

Prior to founding foodbarz!, Terry founded Deli-Time and proceeded to open over 50 successful Deli-Time restaurants in suburban Chicagoland. You can reach Terry at or visit to check out the foodbarz menuz, locations, etc.

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